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    Unanswered: Please help

    Help needed.

    My bf who i dont trust has been privately messaging on the forum he owns.

    I no nothing about sql databases but i no he has now exported the private messages so i cant see them..

    as u found a text document containing information like this

    --Messages.sql Doc edit of messages 6/6/2000- Final Edit Pass

    ** Messages.SQL 1996/07/03 13:44
    ** DO NOT ADD NEW MESSAGES DIRECTLY TO THIS FILE. Add them to msgwork.sql instead.
    ** SQL UE will edit the messages and propogate them to this file.
    ** Obsolete messages should be deleted directly from this file, however.
    ** Please coordinate new range reservations through SQLEvent\SQLEvent.MC file!
    ** (For Sphinx, post BldMastr.exe)
    ** Copyright Microsoft, Inc. 1994 - 2000
    ** All Rights Reserved.

    DBCC TraceOff(3643) --Ensure sysdatabases.version for master db row shows proper value.
    use master
    Now can anyone help me recover the messages?

    I will pay

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    Quote Originally Posted by ulstermilly View Post
    Now can anyone help me recover the messages?
    no (and i mean "no" not "know")

    get a new bf, those messages are 10-14 years old

    and they're not from mysql | @rudydotca
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