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    Unanswered: Access 2007 Upgrade/Conversion issues

    Hello Everyone,

    We are having an issues with one of our Access 97 db. It is the only one that has been "converted" and will not open in Access 2007 (or as a the previous .mdb, either)

    As I understand, it may be possible the Access 97 db(s) were built on Win2000 OS, all the Access 97 db have worked fine in the XP OS, we still have the XP OS and now most have upgraded to Office 2007.

    We have have found through several users that have upgraded to office 2007 that they can open other Access 97 db(s) in Access 2007, click 'yes' on the security pop up and they work with no problem. There is just one Access 97 db that has been converted, set the trust & enabled macros, but it does not work nor can they open the Access 97.mdb in Access 2007 (like the five others they can open). All this sits on a shared network.

    Hope that makes sense....any ideas? Maybe a corrupt db? Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful. Would it be an idea to kill the .accdb (remove the converted db) and have each user open the former .mdb on their machines, click 'yes' on the security pop-up? (thinking out loud...)

    Personally, the last time I work with Access was in college, over several years ago, and I think it was Access 95 or 97, not even sure.....

    Thanks!!!! getting alot of aggravated users
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    frankly I believe an expectation of 97 going to 07.accdb to be smooth is overly optimistic.

    in 07.mdb (not accdb) I would try to open and convert - - if that will not work then I would find a PC with Access2002 or 2003 or even AccessXP (2000) and do the 97 conversion there - - that will change it to the 2000-2003.mdb format.

    I would trouble shoot any nonworking functionality at this point.

    Then I would open in 07.mdb mode and trouble shoot any nonworking functionality at this point.

    Only then would I attempt to convert to 07.accdb

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    The conversion to Access 2007 from Access 1997, works with a bit tinkering around the edges. I had a few problems ADO and DAO syntax, and getting the performance more consistent. I bypasssed 2003 and took and held my breathe, very pleased with the result.


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