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    Unanswered: checksum of an access table.

    We have a process where we load a table from a flat file. I wanted to detect if the new load is a duplicate of a previous load. To do this I wanted to generate a checksum of the table after it is loaded, and compare it against a file of checksums that were previously generated. My problem is that I can't find any available software that can be called from Microsoft Access Version 2003 to generate the checksum of the access table (one column would be fine for checking). I was wondering if you know of any packages or coding that would generate the checksums?
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    No need for an external package: it should not be very difficult to write a function to generate such a checksum. The way to do it depends on the contents (structure and type) of the imported data.
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    If your flat file is a text file (CSV, say), could you not append a date/time stamp at the end of the file ? That way, anyone viewing the file would know that it had been loaded and when. A linked CSV file, so far as I am aware, can be edited as though it were an Access table. You might want to include a code that would not match any data in the file, so that you can search for the existence of the date/time stamp.
    I am a bit wary of checksums. They work OK for explicit code patterns and numbers (e.g credit card numbers) because the maths is explicit, but if the contents of your flat file are free form in any way, there is no way you can be absolutely sure of generating unique numbers.

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