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    Unanswered: Crystal Reports- Datetime issue

    I am very new to this so please be easy on me.
    I am trying to use a parameter that is in datetime but I want it to show me only the data by date.
    For example: I want to report on all data from 12/10/10-12/10/10. Currently the date of 12/10/10 has a date and a time of 12:34 attached to it. When I run the report I don't get any data because it is looking for data (from and to) with that exact data and time. I want all the data for the whole day. How can I fix this with this formula below.

    {ActiveOrders.BaseAmount} = $0.00 and
    {ActiveOrders.ScheduledOrderNo} = 0 and
    {ActiveOrders.AccountNumber} <> 1538 and
    {ActiveOrders.DeliveredTime} >= {?@From Date} and
    {ActiveOrders.DeliveredTime} <= {?@To Date}

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    Have you tried using the Date function on {ActiveOrders.DeliveredTime}
    (i.e, Date( {ActiveOrders.DeliveredTime}) >= {?@From Date} and
    Date( {ActiveOrders.DeliveredTime}) <= {?To Date})

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