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    Unanswered: Trying to trigger ALTER SESSION based on roles, but failing

    I have a simplified version of a PACKAGE that I'm calling from a LOGON trigger

    create or replace
    package          oper_logon_trigger_pg_delete
      authid current_user
      procedure MAIN;
    end oper_logon_trigger_pg_delete;
    create or replace
    package body          oper_logon_trigger_pg_delete
      procedure MAIN 
        l_str varchar2(4000);
        for row in (select granted_role from user_role_privs)
          l_str := l_str || ' ' || row.granted_role;
        end loop;
                                                          'test email',
      end MAIN;
    end oper_logon_trigger_pg_delete;
    The ultimate goal will be to set the NLS_DATE_FORMAT for a particular set of users, if they're in a particular role.

    I tried using USER_ROLE_PRIVS and SESSION_ROLES, but neither show a full listing of the roles granted to a particular user. I thought the AUTHID CURRENT_USER would have fixed some of my problems, but it doesn't. Any advice?

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    >The ultimate goal will be to set the NLS_DATE_FORMAT for a particular set of users, if they're in a particular role.

    Just curious, what is downside for doing it for all ROLE?
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    It's a system that's been up & running for about 4 years now. I don't want to break anything where people have (incorrectly) coded their TO_DATE( ) calls to imply the default 'DD-MON-RR' format. (We're working on this code to correct a problem when you upgrade from the 9i JDBC thin client, to the 10 or 11g client. The 9i client somehow sets the NLS_DATE_FORMAT to 'MM/DD/RR' while the newer clients assume an NLS_DATE_FORMAT from the NLS_TERRITORY setting. I know that this whole issue stems from poor coding, which we're fixing, but we're in a pickle and we're trying to find the best way forward).

    Probably I should clarify something a bit further about the code below. If I call it directly, I see all the roles I was expecting. It's only when I call the same code from the LOGON trigger, that I see a short list.

    I don't know if you can code a trigger with the AUTHID CURRENT_USER, but I am going to try that next.

    I can get the code to work if I go all heavy-handed and use code like:

    if user in ('<user1>','<user2>') then ...
    But as we create more of these users over time, I just wanted to be able to place them into a role, and have them inherit this functionality.

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