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    Unanswered: file locations - output/dump

    I just ran my first successful query! It has been a series of milestones...

    Now I'm wondering where the output files are located because the answer to my next query will be larger than the screen. I have seen many tools for the job but I suspect mysql has a native application to go back to a .csv file the same way I got it in.

    Am I correct? and, if so, could someone point me to it or explain it?

    I have the additional problem that my queries are still pretty infantile in their this point it would be a good bit easier for me to ask the same simple question several times (batch style) and aggregate the results. I also suspect there is a little something I need to know here as well.

    Any takers?

    Thanks in advance


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    MySQL Workbench 5.1.18a


    It appears this is the recommended modeling front end for the 5.1.44 version I downloaded a couple of weeks ago.

    Any comments on this package. Recon I need the Commercial Edition...$100 is cheap enough.

    I don't really have to fool with administration or documentation since I am simply using government generated data.

    I just need to be able to query and see the results.

    Am I on the right track now?


    I thought I would try the command line for a change but its a little too much for me right now...I want results...PHP later.

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