Hi - new - just hoping someone could help me with a query that I'm having in setting up an Access Database. My knowledge is beginner(ish) I used to use it a while ago. I know about the VBA/Code Building bit but have no idea how to use it at all. Though I suspect it's the key to my problem.

Anyway, I work in a school IT department and it's our job to create name badges for students. We have to charge for any replacements and if said children don't have the money to pay we record this down in an Excel spreadsheet. Usually they end up paying for one part of the badge - which is either a small star clip (though sixth formers have to wear a special lanyard), a plastic case or the card itself. They can buy these all at once (which means years 7-11 buy a card/clip/case or sixth formers a card/case/lanyard) or seperately if they've lost a part of it (usually a lot of kids just need the card section).

I want to make a basic Access Database which will eventually allow me to collect and arrange data in different ways - but at the moment I'm having trouble setting up the form to enter the basic data in. Specifically the individual sections.

Now what I'm trying to do is have a form with four checkboxes which represent a clip, case, card or lanyard. I'd like to be able to click these and for that then to automatically add up a total amount the child will have to owe. E.g. A student just wants a clip and a case I can just check the 'clip' and 'case' checkbox and the database knows that the kid owes 70p. Then the next kid only had a lanyard and owes 60p.

I have these items in seperate columns in a 'payment' table - and I'm sure that I'll have to create an update query which will update the 'Total' column. But my question is whether there is any way of converting those Yes/No values into currency values to generate a total value?