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    Unanswered: Simple Chart with Series in Access... Am I missing a Trick?

    I am completey lost here.. it is so simple in Excel yet seems impossible in Access. I think exporting to Excel might be an easier option but last resort check with gurus

    So I have a little DB, still in developmet stage but works fine.. It includes query by subform..

    I tried charts in both report (repChemistry) and a form (frmGraph).. none really do what I want

    Now all I want displayed in my chart are the results of querying/filtering on the Main Form to be listed as follows:

    X axis - items from Value field (I don't want sum, don't understand why Access insists on SUM/MIN etc, just values as they are in the query would be nice)
    Y axis - items from SampleDate, i.e date

    Dots on the graph should be Platfom (i.e. BA, BB, BC or BD). So you get platform values over time.. easy (at least in Excel), each platform is a series.

    Now.. as charts like to be linked to queries.. I coded for the subform filtered results to be recorded into a qryDataExport.. to get that query populated cmd Send to Excel needs to be clicked on the Main Form (I am already preparing export to Excel as I have little hope of getting this chart to work)..

    And so the chart can be based on that query.. but it still doesn't work.. not sure I am explaing this well

    Any "know how" would be much appreciated as I am stuck!
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