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    Question Unanswered: Parameter for DB2 ODBC

    Hello everybody...

    I have a tricky problem I'm fighting with since a long time.
    We have a very old db2 installation (DB2 5.2) on a old AIX 4.3 system.
    This system contains the data of an old product management system.

    Now the time is finally comming that we want to kill this old system.
    We want to export all the data from the db2 and import it for backup in a PostgreSQL database.

    For this I have installed the ODBC driver for db2 (this is the driver from the version 5.2, an actual driver never worked with the old database) and use Microsoft Access to link the tables.
    Those linked tables I export in Access to the ODBC interface of PostgreSQL.
    This works for the most tables very fine, but I have one tricky table which generates allways the error "CLI0002W" which indicates that the driver is truncating data because of insufficient buffer size.

    I looked at the description of the table and think I found the problem.
    This table contains a column with "LONG VARCHAR 32700".
    In this column the user write comments about changes of a part which is managed in the application.

    Has someone an idea how I can solve this problem?
    I think a parameter in the db2cli.ini could solve the problem of insufficient buffer size, but I didn't find anything with google (or I searched the wrong way )

    Any help would be very appreciated

    Best regards

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    Well, after some more search for a solution, I didn't find any way to solve my problem in the described way... But I made an interesting watching and found a workaround for my problem I would like to share...

    I tried many different settings in the db2cli.ini which I found in other forums and the IBM website, but it seems that Access always connects with an own connection string through the ODBC driver to the database, also with its own buffer settings which was always to small for the big column in the table.

    After many attempts to transfer the data over Access directly I tried to import the data in Excel over the ODBC source. I watched the import in the ODBC trace file and was very surprised that I never get the CLI0002W error message until the import was complete
    So I had nothing more to do to save the Excelsheet and import this file in Access, so I had an table which I could export from Access to PostgreSQL

    I know, this is definitely not the way I wanted to solve my problem and it's also not the most beautiful solution, but it works for me

    Nice weekend to all

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