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    Unanswered: To upgrade or not?

    I have Office 97. I am trying to learn how to use my Excel to work with SQL DB Express Server. I'm not bad with the VBA and can usualy find some help online. But I am really finding it hard to pick up this bit. I take it I can't just download the new object librairy right ? So I'm thinking I should get the new Office package. This way examples I try should work.

    I get lots of errors that I believe are due to my old Object Librairy 8.0. Even when I try the examples I find on there own with no changes I get errors. When I type them in intellesence seems to work, but I still get the errors.

    Any thoughts?



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    Office 97 upgrade

    I cannot say too much about Excel, but I have had considerable experience in upgrading Access databases from 1997 to 2000 and 2003. An upgrade from 1997 to 2000 is relatively painless, as is also an upgrade from 2000 to 2003. However, there is some sort of disconnect between 1997 and 2003. in other words, 2003 does not always seem to remember what 1997 was about. My (tedious) solution was to build new databases from scratch and then transfer the data, usually by outputting to CSV and then reloading. The VBA version in earlier versions of Office was at one time a separate language, but I cannot remember whether the change to what we know as VBA occurred before, during or after 1997.
    Personally, I think the upgrade from 1997 is a no-brainer, as MS no longer supports it, even to the point of not providing security updates. (Check this last statement out -they may only have declared a future cut-off date).

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