Please explain how inputting the WID and PID from a Workgroup information file in an Access 2000 database being opened in Access 2007 can be done so that the current .mdw file can be used with a specific database or several specific databases. If the file is copied locally to the default locations, it is used for all Access databases, even new ones the user creates. In 2000 it was possible to have the .mdw file located on a server and referenced in the database. Does this reference in the database have to be created when the file is opened in Access 2007 (using the WID and PID from the existing Workgroup Information File) in order for the .mdw on the server to be referenced and not the local .mdw in c:\program files\common files\system?

I realize that user and group level security is no longer a function in Access 2007. I am working to make a multi-file 2000 database system which uses user and group level security work in Access 2007. The database will not be converted (upgraded) to Access 2007 format.

As an alternative, if there is VBA code which can be shared that can be used for user and group level security function in Access, please direct me to that resource. Thank you.