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    Question Unanswered: Database mail under 64bit sql 2005 ?


    I have 64bit SQL server 2005 standard sp3, where database mail doesn't work.
    On 32bit machines it worked ok. It seem it is working, but don't receive anything (but smtp works).
    It is configured, but when I use sp for sending (or send it from SMS), it writes only mail queued, but nothing happens then.

    I searched it on google, but I haven't found any consistent information. Somewhere it is said that database mail is not working (sp2 64 bit), somewhere is said that sql mail is not working.

    Deos anybody have 64bit, too and how do you solve it ?

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    We can close it. It works, at least on sp3. The reason was probably different, I changed the smtp proxy to a different one and it works.
    On the other hand I found out some resouces with different opinion (for example that it deosn't work on 64 bit sp2).

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