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    Unanswered: Sql server 2005 replication

    Dear Experts,

    I am facing a serious problem in Sql Server 2005 replication. I have done a merge replication in SQL Server 2005 for 2 subscribers with separate publications.

    The problem actually arises from the second day of replication which causes the replication jobs are being never executed completely. This happens everyday morning and thus the data are not getting updated in the publisher.

    Also, there are other users which are directly connected to the publisher for whom the entries are not getting saved because of this problem in the replication. When i just restarted the sql server database service it came to the normal stage and it will work smoothly for that day. But next day morning , the same thing will happen which i have to go there and restart the service again to make it under control.

    The funny thing here is there was no problem at all when the replication was in SQL Server 2000.

    I just upgraded the SQL Sever to increase the performance and to make available of new features like analysis service and reporting service. I also installed service pack 3 of SQL Server 2005.

    Please suggest me an appropriate solution for this.

    Thanks and Regards

    Rahul Krishnan R

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    Why are the merge agents not completing? what error is returned? What do you see on the on the publisher/subscribers when it doesn't "complete".?

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