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    what is the difference between setting up server with 8K page size and configuring 8K memory pool on 2K page size server pl?

    what I understand is:

    If I have server configure with 8K page size and data cache is in 2K pool, physical IO will be in 8K size and logical IO will be 2K.

    where as If a server is of 2K page size and I have 8K memory pool configure in default data cache, physical IO will be in 2K and if 8K pool is used by query, logical IO will be in 8K.

    can someone pl clarify.


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    bigger page size => all your IO will load bigger pages & all your extents will be bigger (good idea in DWH environnment).

    bigger pool cache => the asynchronous prefetch is enabled. The server will be able to load more than 1 page per IO resquest. It's not mandatory : considering the request, the server will use specific pool cache.
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