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    Unanswered: Critiria syntax

    Howdy. I've been creating a database that allows the user to search chosen criteria against that in the database. *
    I am currently queries that should be quite simple, though I am having issues. The field that I want the query to filter is chosen on input to the database by a dropdown box - this has stoped my using simple criteria such as "Live Music" (in the case of my database). I have tried this criteria in other fields an it works fine so I can only assume that it is because the data is entered by a dropdown box rather then manualy typed. *
    Has anyone encountered this issue before or believe they know how to fix it?*

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    I think you need to explain a bit more about the problem

    traditionally you'd use a separate table that stores say EntertainmentFeatures
    where you would have an ID column and a description, the ID is the primary key and appears in other tables as the foreign key, the description appears where humans need to know what ID blah actually is, this includes reports and also combo/list boxes..

    when it comes to querying the data you need to create a query which returns what you ask
    theres several approaches. one is to use a parameterised query, another is to write the query on the fly, another is to use the query by example /form that comes as part of native Access.
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    Sorry I'll try and better explain the problem.  
    I have a table that contains a list of 'events', this contains information on the events such as the name, event type, location, time, date etc. 
    I now want to create a number of queries that split the events down into their 'event types' (such as live music). 
    I am unable to apply the criteria "live music" however. This only applies to the 'event type' as I can create a query that can filter it through the other fields - such as name, date, time. The only difference I can see is that when the event is input by the user a drop down menu is used for the event type.  
    I hope that makes more sense.  
    Thank you.

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    Is it specific to the "live music" criteria only? Is "live music" the only criteria with a space in the text field?
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    No this is for all of the 'event types' :/

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