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Thread: awk and grep

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    Unanswered: awk and grep

    Am on sun solaris 5.10. I have a file called listings for which the contents look like this :

    #Db Region Welcome
    db1 REGION hello
    db1 DISTRICT hello
    db1 REGION_1 hello
    db1 DISTRICT_1 hello
    db1 REGION_2 sql
    db1 DISTRICT_2 sql
    db1 REGION_5 hello
    db1 DISTRICT_5 hello
    db1 REGION_3 hello
    db1 DISTRICT_3 hello
    db1 REGION_4 hello
    db1 DISTRICT_4 hello
    db2 REGION hello
    db2 DISTRICT hello
    db2 REGION_1 hello
    db2 DISTRICT_1 hello
    db2 REGION_2 hello
    db2 DISTRICT_2 hello
    db2 REGION_5 hello
    db2 DISTRICT_5 hello
    db2 REGION_3 hello
    db2 DISTRICT_3 hello

    I am trying to write a shell command that can retrieve me the 3rd parameter to the rightmost side.
    For example, if I say db1 and REGION_2, I need to see the result as :


    I tried this using the following:

    echo Sac=`awk '/^[^#]/' ${BASEDIR}/listings | grep -i db1 | grep -v -i REGION_2 | awk '{print $3}'`

    Unfortunately, I am getting the results as :

    Sac=hello hello hello hello sql hello hello hello hello hello hello

    What in the world am I doing wrong ? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

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    grep -v REGION_2
    eliminates REGION_2 rather than selecting.

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    Thanks a lot kitaman for your very quick response... I now have what I needed...
    (that was silly of me to have overlooked the -v )

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