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    Unanswered: Cascading Combo Box issues

    Hello everyone I have a question concerning my combo boxes. I have a look up table called FamilyHours_tbl now what this does is when the user chooses a type of participant (Two Parent Family or Single Parent w/child 6 yrs & up) when they choose one of these the Hours that are required pops up also, which is 2 combo boxes one says Weekly hours and the other Monthly hours. My problm is in the table itself the only thing I see is the primary key which is an INT. I dont see [Typeofparticipant] i just see the primary key for the lookup table. How do I remedy this. because when I run a report what I see is 1 ..2 ..3 (primary key)not the [typeofparticpant] which is Two parent family, or Single Parent w/child 1 to 6 yrs

    thank you

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    It is normal to just store the numeric ID. You would base the report on a query that joined the appropriate tables together, joined on the ID field. That enables you to get the descriptive name associated with the ID.

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