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    Unanswered: issue with current schema


    I want create some tables with schema "DB2ADMIN" in DB2 control center.

    So I do "db2admin stop" and "db2admin setid db2admin"
    and give current password and db2admin start

    when I open db2 control center, but SQL-Authorization-ID is not "db2admin"

    any one can help on this ?

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    ok, I got it .

    choose your database and choose query, and give the command "set current schema = db2admin" and run it

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    I prefer to always qualify all objects with their schema name to make sure you don't run into problems if the SET CURRENT SCHEMA has been forgotten. Besides, there are other objects like UDFs, where different special registers (e.g. CURRENT FUNCTION PATH) are used for resolution.
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