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    Unanswered: More than one "many-to-many" relations...

    I am trying to create a database and i couldn't figure out how to design my tables.
    - I have customers in which many of them operates more than one State in the US.
    - Each customer also may operate more than one "Operation Type" (in my case there are 5 different operation type available in "table type".
    - So to summarize; there are customers operating more than 1 type in more than 1 state. Everything is many-to-many.

    For example; in case of 3 tables (customer, type and state), If a customer operates in 3 different operation in 50 states, do i need to enter 150 rows for one customer?
    Can anyone give me a start point how to design my tables and relations?

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    tables needed:

    customers (one row per customer)
    types (one row per type)
    states (one row per state)

    customer_types (one row per type per customer)
    customer_states (one row per state per customer) | @rudydotca
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    Thank you r937! You made my day

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