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    Unanswered: How to install MySQL on window 7 ?


    I would like to install MySQL on my laptop which is running on window 7. Could somebody help me how to install it and Where i can download the software ?..

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    Go to the MySQL Downloads Page, download the appropriate MySQL installation package, install using the provided instructions. If you've done this before and have a good network connection, its about a 15 minute job. Since this is your first time through the process it will probalby take you several hours as you learn about various configuration choices.

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    ..another option would be to download the XAMPP package which includes MySQL and various other related software such as PHP, Apache, PHPMyAdmin andso on.

    havign installed MySQL you should consider downloading something like the MySQL GUI tools from the MySQL website which includes tools to administer MySQL and Query Browser. others recommend tools such as Heidi SQL
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