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    Unanswered: Viewing FIRST_ROWS of result set before query completes.

    I have a table with 500K rows, then I ad-hoc query with no supported indexing which will require a full table scan. I would like to immediately display the FIRST_ROWS of the result set in one thread while the full table scan continues in another thread. I want to periodically display the query's progress (every 100 rows) example: "SEARCHING 500,000 rows, AT ROW n00, FOUND n, Continue (Y/N)?" while giving the user the option to cancel. This would be a nice time-saving feature, especially since users sometimes don't realize the scope of their queries and would also help avoid runaway-queries (like cartesian products). If I migrate from SE to IDS, I will loose the ability to write low-level functions with c-isam calls, but gain FIRST_ROWS along with other goodies like: SET-READS for index scans (onconfig USE_[KO]BATCHEDREAD), optimizer directives, parallel queries, etc. So if these features are doable, whats the best way to implement them?
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