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    Unanswered: How my website can use SQL Server on my local machine

    Hi, I have my website in ASP.Net that is working fine. Now, I want to add SQL Server for managing my database. I am using DLink D-300 router. Is there any way I can configure my router to forward all requests that are coming from my website to my SQL Server. I am using Windows 2003 Server as OS.

    Thanks in advance for your valuable help.

    Ashish Sharma

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    A website (or any code, really) will call a SQL Server by way of a connection object. This connection object will specify a network address in a connection string, or connection URL. Since you are already musing about hardware, I am going to guess that you already have that, but are getting some sort of top secret error. Assuming these are separate boxes, have you already
    1) Checked to see if SQL Server is listening on either named pipes, or TCP/IP?
    2) Checked to see if there is a firewall configured on the SQL Server?

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