Hi all,

We currently have OEM installed but will have to uninstall it due to Oracle Licensing issues. Customers do not want to pay
for the performance and diagnostic pack and are actually considering to move to SQLServer .. :-)

Anyway, am wanting to try out and install oracletool or orcaware. Both of these require the DBI/DBD module.

At the moment, am not allowed to do another install of Perl. I checked the OEM's .pl Perl scripts and just wrote a simple Perl script
that has the use DBI; line on it and the full path to the Perl binary of the OEM install. Unfortunately, this does not work and the script
cannot find the DBI module.

Am writing to ask if anyone had tried a similar thing that am trying to do, that is use the DBI/DBD modules that comes with the OEM install?

Any response will be very much appreciated to those who had tried this, whether it work or does not work.

Thanks in advance.