Greetings to one and all

hehehe now that I have got some attention

My name is Gareth, I have recently become a DBA and having a very limited knowladge of SQL and almost none of Oracle I see many many many hours spent on forums and reading through various documentation ahead of me.

Before this I was a IT Tech specilizing in troubleshooting and Hardware architecture. (server configs, load assesment, end user support, etc) and I spend alot of time learning as much as I can about the PC world. I believe you can never know enough.

I ask in advance that everyone please be calm and patient with me as I tend not to want to just do something, but rather to understand what it is that I am doing. So if I post something asking for help, and get the lovely script fix etc.... please dont feel offended or anything if I reply with asking to explain what the scripting is doing or the fix etc...

Or If i request a explination of the error. please pointing me to documentation is GREAT, if I can read about it all the better

So here's a HUGE thank you to anyone that does help me way way way in advance. and I hope to one day be the one helping not just being helped.