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    Unanswered: SQLPrepare crashes C++ application consistently

    Hi All,

    I am using oracle 10g on express edition (running on windows) and connecting to it using Oracle ODBC Driver(from Linux RHEL5 ). But the application crashes consistently (the core file points that SQLPrepare is calling SQLPrepareW which then calls some other functions and the application crashes). I have used both the version of Oracle ODBC driver (i.e. instant client version 10.2 abd 11.2). Also have used both the versions of unixODBC (i.e. version 2.2.14 and 2.2.12). On each combination of driver manager and driver the problem continiues to occur.

    Note : The query which I am passing to SQLPrepare is a very long string of 700 - 900 characters (including the parameter markers) and also the STP which I am trying to execute has parameters of type UDT.

    One more important thing to note is that I am executing same stp multiple times. The stp executes successfully for certain number of times and then application crashes. Besides that I have not used _UNICODE preprocessor directive in my compiler options, but still SQLPrepare calls SQLPrepareW.

    The order of ODBC API calls is as SQLPrepare -> SQLBindParameter->SQLExecute.

    Rest of the details are as follows.

    Application language - c++

    Database - oracle 10g on express edition running on windows

    Application environment
    OS : RHEL 5

    Has anybody encountered the same problem? Please help.

    Thanks and Regards,
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    What does core dump say? This may be happening due to Memory issue, i.e process is not able to allocate enough memory to hold data. Please try to break the query into small query and then try.

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