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    Unanswered: I need some help from oracle GURU's

    I am working in a company and it is making an ERP and almost completed all modules. I need some help from GURU's in how can i deploy ERP application with an installation wizard, Let me explain .. Till now we manually copy paste all oracle forms on to the client's system and server and also run database scripts manually. Now company wants to deploy our ERP from a wizard only the user have to click setup.exe (just like all other applications).
    As you know the (following) steps to deploy your oracle application to the client side.

    1-Copy all FMX (Run time forms) files to the Oracle installed system.
    2-Copy you configured TNSnames file to the client's system (//orant/net80/Admin)
    3- Run your database Scripts to create database table and tablespaces.

    Now i want to do this automatically in installation setup for windows.
    Hope you understand my problem.

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    yup I got it!

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    Thanks for the help dear , now i want to make it platform independent and make the wizard in oracle developer. Have any one know any link of making that in oracle developer??

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