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    Unanswered: filling in gaps in data

    I've got a query that returns the time, name, value over a given time period:

    Select smpl_time, sgnl_id, max(lastval-firstval) val from
          (SELECT TRUNC(t1.smpl_time,'MI') smpl_time,
          (last_value(t1.float_val IGNORE NULLS) over (partition BY TRUNC(t1.smpl_time,'MI') order by TRUNC(t1.smpl_time,'MI'))) lastval,
          (first_value(t1.float_val IGNORE NULLS) over (partition BY TRUNC(t1.smpl_time, 'DD') order by t1.smpl_time)) firstval
        FROM chan_arch.sample t1,
        WHERE   IN('Sig556')
        AND t2.channel_id=t1.channel_id
        AND t1.smpl_time BETWEEN TRUNC(sysdate-2.0 ,'DD') AND sysdate
    WHERE smpl_time BETWEEN sysdate-2.0 AND sysdate
    group by smpl_time, sgnl_id
    However, sometimes there are gaps in the data. Since I'm looking at values that are ever increasing and building a chart based off this data, I'd like to just insert one bogus record at the end to basically 'flat-line' the data if there are gaps (which happens frequently when the machine is off- there will be no records for that time).

    So I need to insert a single record which is more or less like this:

    Select sysdate, 'Sig556', lastValidEntry FROM [above results]

    So I don't even need to query for the time or name, since I'll insert the duplicated value at the current time. This seems like it should be easy. I've tried several UNION ALL queries but can't get anything to work.

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    You could (outer) join against a "calendar" table that would have every period desired.
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