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    Unanswered: db2tmp16k table space

    My team is working in DB2 on AIX environment. Our users are there days very frequently getting the error of no space in db2tmp16k. It seems this is a temporary table space and the DBA team here claims that nothing can be done about this. Can some explain me in details what exactly is this error and is there a permanent solution to it??

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    If db2tmp16k is a system temporary tablespace, then it is sometimes needed as a work area by DB2 to build and return an answer from a SQL query. However, it could be a user temporary tablespace that is used for declared temporary tables and other purposes. In both these cases, it is possible to increase the size, or to place them on a file system path with more free space. Please provide more information (DDL) of the tablespace including the container definition that you can get from your DBA.

    Also, when you say there is an error being received, it is always best to post the exact error message being received, and explain what interface to DB2 is being used when the error was received.
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