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    hey guys,

    im doing a project with microsotf access that will include customer,product,sales tables. i am able to create the tables but i dont know how to create a user freindly interface in order to make it easy for the users to use it (they are IT inexperienced users). i would appreciate any help regarding this.


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    Keep it simple!

    Design your forms so they only have a few buttons (instead of dozens) and design the entire project so it flows smoothly. Name your buttons/fields so they make sense (ie. I like to have buttons such as: "Click here to Export Data" versus a button that just says "Export")

    Since each project is inheritently different, I can't give you specific advice on how to set it up. You can look at some of the examples (and recommendations) in the code bank.

    Also keep in mind that you'll most likely be working on the project daily but users may only open it a few times a month. So what seems simple and easy to use for you (after working on it for weeks/months) might seem difficult to use for the users.

    Make it so a user doesn't need to 'click here, then update this field, then click there, then click this, etc..) to update a simple field. Learn vba coding to automate routines which otherwise would require a user to do multiple steps. Again, there are coding 'snippets' and examples in the code bank. I'd recommend looking at lots of other examples to see how other developers have automated tasks.

    The form wizard is a nice feature to initially setup the form and then tweak from there.
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