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    Automatic recording

    Hi everyone,

    I got an assignment and everything is pretty much ok except this (i'm not going to copy word by word but here is the idea) The output of the system should be able to record information like date and some description of the product automatically.

    I'm completely lost here, how i'm suppose to design that?? Let say that the system need to record today's date and a description (let say afternoon)

    e.g 12/04/2010, afternoon

    how i'm going to make the system automatically record today's date plus afternoon??

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    In BASIC you'd use a PRINT statement. In C you'd use some variant of putc(). In Pascal, either write() or more likely writeln()...

    Are you starting to think that maybe you'd be better off at least telling us what Operating System and language you are using?

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    Thanks pat..

    I'm starting to get the idea now... I was looking in the wrong direction all this time and that's why i couldn't figure out the solution

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    Its a database forum, so I'd assume he wants to do it in sql.....

    You'll need a datetime and a varchar field for holding this information. The datetime field can be a column set to default to the current timestamp. The description, of course, will have to be supplied by the application interface and loaded via an insert or update statement.

    I guess the confusing thing here is your verbage. The "output" should be able to "record"? Output does not record data. Input records data.
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