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    Unanswered: Data base design for data base of telco companies

    I am developing a software for an exchange. The basic purpose of the software is to calculate call rates for the call made from diffirent telco lines to land line and mobile. Currently there are outgoing lines of five telcom companies.

    My job is to develop such a system that can accomodate/calcualte the call rate from any line of any telecom comapny. For example

    1. a Call made from a company A line to a compay B line
    2. a call made from company B line to foreign country.


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    Not sure what you are looking for with this post? I have worked for both for mobile telecoms company as well as VOIP solution provider. In the case of your problem above, you will need to determine the source phone number, the route (in cases where you may have one or more) and the destination and of course the duration of the call. With this you should be able to calculate the cost per phone call.
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    Database design for Telco companies


    This Data Model on my Database Answers Website might help you :-
    Customers Phone Bills Generation Dezign Data Model


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    Our exchange has incoming/out going lines of all telcos in the country(Pakistan) namely Telenor, Ufone, Warid, Zong, PTCL and NTC.

    As it may be obvious that every company has its own rate for on Net and off net calls.

    Now there are extensions, users picks extension access the line/trunk of any telco he wants and diale/talk to his destination number. Users can also make overseas calls.

    So we need such a design in whihc we can incorporate the rates of all the telcos and then generate bills for the extension users.

    For example:

    Telenor rate for on Net calls (Telenor to Telenor)
    Telenor rate to all other operators in the country
    Telenor rate to every country in the world
    and so on....... for each and every operators.

    Later on we also need to distinguish some service/free numbers like
    Telephone inquiry ----
    Railway Inquiry

    All these numbers are free and we must have a way to know that which number is free.

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