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    Question Unanswered: File transfer between client and server using postgres connection

    Hello anybody
    Is there a way to transfer files between client and server using a postgresql connection?
    I don't want to write my files into a postgresql table.
    I want to write them in the server's filesystem and get them back as needed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Why don't you use the OS command (rcp,scp,...) ?
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    Thank you fadace, for paying attention to my question.
    I have a gui application that connects to a postgresql server,
    I want the client side user to be able to add files related to a table row
    without requiring him to provide a separate username (and/or) password,
    (e.g. for an sftp connection).

    Another problem is that giving access to another service adds more
    complexity to security management.

    Thanks again.

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    Like fadace, I'm not wild about the design. But you could use an untrusted pl like plpython to read/write the files and send as a bytea or base64 string.

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    possibly. It would have to take place in a roundabout fashion, though.

    I haven't tried this, but you should be able to accomplish the task by
    1. Store the file contents as a large object (temporarily) on the server
      1. Read the file on the client into a byte buffer
      2. Using low-level libpq access from your client app, create a large object on the server
      3. Store the file buffer contents in the large object
    2. Use the SQL server-side lo_export function, create a file from the large object on the server
    3. Store the file path and any other descriptive information in a table on the server, for later retrieval
    4. Delete the large object on the server with the lo_unlink function

    To copy the file from the server to the client, you would reverse this process. First, get the path info from your directory table, import the file as a large object with the server-side functions, then using the client app, retrieve the file from large object storage and save as a local file on the client. Finally, kill the large object on the server.

    I have to ask, since you're using the large object facilities of pg, (including the client access via libpq,) to temporarily store the file as a largeobject, why not store the files as large objects in pg instead of in the server filesystem? It would be a lot less convoluted.
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    Thanks a lot for your answers, I need some time to understand them.

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