I hope I have posted this in the right place, I am using MS Access 2003, I have created a table named Customers, within it are fields asking for a postcode, streetname, city, town and county ect...
I have also created another table in which I have the following fields, streetname, town, city, county and postcode.
What I would like to do is (When in form view) enter a postcode and for that to automatically fill in the Street, Town, City and County fields for me (Where appropiate). An example would be : say W4 1EY is the postcode I would like the street name field to automatically show the corresponding road name Abinger Road, the town field to show the the postal town Chiswick 9in this case) and the city field to show London, the county field will remain blank as there is no county associated with this address.
I hope I have made myself clear and any help in resolving this matter will be so so much appreciated. BTW I have little or no experience in Dbase design so please be kind when replying or email me.