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    MyOra 1.0.4 (with DB Activity module) is available for download.

    DB Activity module shows database activity in Real Time using six interactive graphs. Each graph shows information about Logical I/O, Physical I/O, Call Rate, Event Waits, Latch Misses and Sessions.

    Version 1.0.4 new additions / updates:
    • Added Segment Type Bar graph to Space Manager module.
    • Added Tablespace Used & Free Bar graph to Space Manager module.
    • Added Options window (Menu path Tool -> Options).
    • Performance Monitor process has an option to Enable / Disable the Refresh Button.
    • Space Manager has option to choose graphs on first tab.
    • Several improvements and bug fixes.

    To get MyOra 1.0.4 visit

    MyOra is absolutely free SQL Tool for Oracle Developers & DBAs.

    * No installation required
    * No Oracle client required
    * Multiple SQL Editors
    * Monitor database Performance in Real Time using graphs and bar charts
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