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    please do my homework for me

    hello all i need help in a case study. i just wanted to know all the entities name and just wanted to make sure that there will be 1 mark table or 3 different for test assignment and final. i have done it but iam confused

    this is the case study:
    Scenario: Course Administration Database
    A lecturer, who teaches many courses, has decided to create a database to store information about the
    courses that he teaches, the assignments and tests in each course, the students who did each course,
    the marks each student received in the test, assignment, final exam of each course, and the grade the
    student received.
    A course can be offered many times over the semesters or years. For example, IS222 was offered in
    semesters 1 and 2 in 2009, is offered this semester, and will be offered next semester as well. For each
    course, store the course code, title, year, and semester. Each time the course is offered, many students
    can register for the course. It has never been the case that a course was cancelled because of no
    registrations. We had students doing a course each time it was offered. The basic details of students
    that need to be stored include the student ID, name, and campus (where the student is enrolled). The
    lecturer stores the grade and total weight (out of 100%), which is the sum coursework and final exam
    that a student gets in a particular course.
    A course can have no or many tests and assignments, and a final exam. For the test, assignment or the
    final exam, the lecturer records the title, description, due date, total marks (e.g. test is out of 50), weight
    (e.g 10% or 15%, etc), and the length of the test, assignment or final exam in minutes.
    For each test, assignment or final exam, the lecturer records the mark that a student receives. Note that
    this is the raw mark. For example, if the assignment was marked out of 100, and had a weight of 10%,
    the mark recorded would be out of 100, such as 50, and not 5%.
    Since the lecturer is creating the database for himself, you do not need to store the lecturer information
    in the database.

    please let me know as soon as possible

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    Post moved to its own thread. Title provided courtesy of me.

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