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    Unanswered: Variable --> Textbox in a report


    I 'd like to do this thing.

    In a mask button code, I ask to input a string like:

    variable = inputbox(...)

    and I want the variable to be inserted automatically in the textbox of a report, the first time I open it.

    Is it possible? how?

    Thank you!

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    You can't refer to a variable directly from a form, so you'll either need to set the value in code, in the format event of the section containing the control:

    Me.ControlName = VariableName

    You can also create a public function that does nothing but return the value of the variable, and set the control source to that:


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    To expand on Paul's idea, you could have a function in a module as such...

    Function retValue() as variant '(or string)
    retValue = inputbox("[Enter value:]")
    end Function

    and set the controlsource as Paul suggested:
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