We just finished an open-source project where we tied an unstructured search engine with MySQL. We'd really like you to try it and give us feedback.

It's free and so is Splunk (for less than 500MB/day).

Splunk is a popular, high-performance search engine optimized for IT data. It allows highly unstructured data to be inserted without having to have a rigid schema of columns. This is highly desired when processing data, like event logs, which are constantly changing and unpredictable. Splunk provides the structure at search-time.

With this project, you can access Splunk via SQL, using our Storage Engine Plugin for MySQL. This means that the data is physically stored inside of Splunk and accessed via SQL - there is no importing or exporting into a database. By using MySQL as a front-end, there is no end to the number of tools that can drive Splunk -- reporting tools, business intelligence, and applications.

Again, we'd really like you to try it and give us feedback. Thanks

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