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Thread: Grep issues

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    Unanswered: Grep issues

    I have a file which has the following data:

    Direct reads = 32
    Direct reads elapsed time (ms) = 23

    I am trying to get the values only using the following command:

    grep "Direct reads" db_snap1.out | cut -d= -f2

    Instead of getting the value from the first Direct reads, I am getting the value from both the rows.

    How can I make sure that it will bring back just the data for Direct reads alone?
    Naveen Urs
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    The command grep "Direct reads" will only keep the lines that contain the text Direct reads. This means it will keep both the lines rather than just the first. I suggest you change your line slightly to something like :

    grep "Direct reads =" db_snap1.out | cut -d= -f2

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