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    Unanswered: access 2003 & security.mdw

    I have changed my motherboard and now I have a problem with an access database.

    After I installed the new board I had to run a repair on XP pro to get the system working, my database was opened from a shortcut on my desktop, all my files are there including the security.mdw and database, but I cannot use them as the error message say's that I am not the owner, my computer is on a lan circut but as far as I know not on any workgroups.

    I am thinking that changing the board has changed something in the security system.

    I have a backup of all my files.

    Thanks of any help/advice you may have to offer

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    Changing the motherboard really shouldn't affect anything with an MSAccess database. They're not really related regardless if mdw security is used or not but I'd have to guess that instead, it's related to something with the user account itself.
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    Thanks that put me on the right track to fix the problem, I ran the xp repair tool and I think that caused the problem, I have now completed a format and reinstalled all software and it runs.

    Many thanks for your help

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