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    Red face Unanswered: Access 2007 does not like working with 2003

    All my Command buttons on several subforms stopped working in Access 2003 database after installing Access 2007.

    This is despite opening the form in 2003 as I had both Access versions installed.

    I uninstalled Access 2007 and everything now works again in 2003.

    But they will not work in 2003 version when 2007 is also installed.

    I think I need to forget about using 2007 as all my databased programs are in Access 2000 or 2003. Unless there is a solution without converting all my databases.

    For a possible solution does anyone know if I would still get the same result by creating a new user on Windows 7, with Access 2007 being availble for that user only, Leaving the main log in user with Access 2003 only.

    If no solution I will uninstall 2007. [I wonder if Office 2010 will be more compatable?] A pity Microsoft do not advertise the problems of upgrading.

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    Why do you need to have Access 2003 installed on your machine. A2007 will read and run the earlier versions and keep them in the earlier design. They will be .mdb files operating in the A2007 environment.


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    you seem to be jumping to the wrong conclusion...

    A03 opens and runs fine in A07 - - but initially there can be bugs and sometimes one must iron them out. I've done alot of them in mixed environments and whatever error jumps out seems to be random...but usually easily fixed....

    when designed in A07 - then there is no guarantee that it will run in A03; software is not backward compatible if you use a feature unique to 07 that 03 does not understand....

    not sure why you would have both versions on one PC unless you are a developer....that is asking for sure they do not reside in the same folder......

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