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    Unanswered: Access 2007 Active X Controls

    The design tab of the ribbon allows one to select Active X Controls, but this is of little use if one does not understand the purpose of a control and how to use it. Access help is of no use (unless I missed something) in this case.

    Should I consider using Active X controls? If so, how can I find information on these controls?



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    Sometimes, a help file (.chm) is installed along with the activeX control.

    If you cannot find such a file for an activeX control you want to use:

    1. If the activeX control is issued by Microsoft, search on MSDN, chances are great that you'll find something there.

    2. If you know the issuer of the activeX control, you can search on its site.

    3. Search with Google, using the name of the activeX as it appears in Access and the name of the file containing the activeX

    4. You can also experiment and try to figure out what the activeX control does and how to use it. This requires a good knowledge of Windows programming. Certain tools can help you (a good debugger, a hex editor, etc.). It can also be very time-consuming and there is no garantee of success.
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    Be careful when using activeX controls. They're not always upsizing friendly and can sometimes be problematic to write code against or problematic for certain computers if they're not registered on that computer or conflict with other software. If using 3rd party activeX controls, you often need to register them (on each computer and you have to pay $ to the developer of them to use them.)

    The only activeX control I extensively use is the Calendar Control.
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    Active X Controls

    Thanks to PKStormy and Sinndho for your replies. Since I seem to be doing OK with the Access-furnished contols of the non-Active X variety, I probably will not venture into Active X territory soon.


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