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    Question Unanswered: How to Change the path in the Linked Table Manager


    I have a number of remote users using the same database, and I needed a method to isolate the data from the forms in my current database to allow them to download new versions of the forms and vba and not loose any of the data that they created.

    I just split my database to move all of my tables to a new access app, and it converted all of my tables to linked tables that point to a network share drive. This will work for what i need, but when i open up the Link Table Manager, the links point like this:

    [ ] tbl_name (Q:\foldername1\foldername2\access_be.mdb)

    My problem is that not everyone has the same \\server\share drive mapped to their Q drive, and their Q drive may have another share already mapped to it.

    How can i change this to say:

    [ ] tbl_name (\\server\share\foldername1\foldernamd2\access_be. mdb)

    Please help, and thanks in advance,

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    Every Tabledef object representing a linked table has a Connect property. This is where you can have access to the location of the back-end database:
        Dim dbs As dao.Database
        Dim tdf As dao.TableDef
        Set dbs = CurrentDb
        For Each tdf In dbs.TableDefs
            Debug.Print tdf.Name, tdf.Connect
        Set tdf = Nothing
        Set dbs = Nothing
    Once you have changed the Connect property of a TableDef object, you can use the RefreshLink property to update the link to the back-end database.
    Have a nice day!

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    thanks i'll try this later in the week and see how it goes

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