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    Unanswered: MYSQL sever

    guys am working on a school project and am unable to connect to mysql server....anyone who can help....thnax in advance

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    not enough detail there to assist in all honesty
    is the server running?
    what happens if you try to run the command line client?
    what happens if you try to run say thge MySQL GUI tools?
    what error message are you getting?
    what front end tools do you have?
    are you trying to develop SQL or an application, if application what front end language are you using? PHP, ASP, VB Delphi?
    is it a problem with the server or is it a problem talking to the server
    is it a permissions problem, have you GRANTed appropriate permissions for your user(s) to the db's you are using
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    Connectivity issues can be one of numerous things:

    1. Client configuration
    2. Server processes
    3. Network connectivity
    4. Firewalls
    5. Application setup

    Without more information it will be difficult to pinpoint where your problem is.
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