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    Exclamation Unanswered: Problem with Many-to-one relationship and Limits

    I'm having a problem with a many-to-one relationships in a MySQL DB that I am trying to query.

    I am working with three tables in a CMS (written by someone else and not easily modified). The first table lists articles, the second table lists authors and the third table maps authors to articles such that each article can have an unlimited number of authors.

    When I need to select articles I can do so like this:

    SELECT * FROM articles
    JOIN article_authors ON article_authors.article_id =
    JOIN authors ON = article_authors.author_id
    This way I select one row for each article and author and get a table like this (extraneous fields removed for clarity):

    1	My Article		John
    2	My Second Article	Sally
    3	My Third Article	Sally
    3	My Third Article	Bob
    3	My Third Article	Jim
    4	My Fourth Article	John
    Since IDs are unique it is a simple operation to use PHP to convert these results into four different articles with one of the articles having three different authors.

    Where I run into problems is on pages where I need to impose a limit on the number of articles I select. I don't know of an easy / efficient way to select the three most recent articles and all their authors.

    If I impose a LIMIT on the number of rows that I select the resulting table will either truncate some of the articles or authors that I want to select.

    Can someone help me find an efficient way to limit my selection to include as many rows as necessary but only three unique article ids?

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    You can always use subqueries to limit your selection:

    SELECT *
    FROM articles
    LIMIT 5) a,
    article_authors aa,
    authors au,
    articles art
    WHERE =
    AND aa.article_id =
    AND = aa.author_id;
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