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    Unanswered: Is Oracle Apex ready for prime-time ?

    I would appreciate some insights into Apex.

    I am considering using Apex for a mission-critical Application with my Government client.
    I am concerned that, although they use Oracle, they never mention Apex, in fact I don't think they know about it.

    I am also concerned that a lot of questions are asked in various Discussion Groups about problems with Apex.
    Is Oracle committed to Apex for the long-term ?

    I like Apex because it looks like I could use it for simple developments for Proof-of-Concept work, even though I am a Data Architect and not a developer.
    I would like to use it as a front-end to Fusion middleware.
    Is that possible ?

    Thanks a lot.

    London, England
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    Just curious about whether or not you decided to go with APEX.
    Any updates on your experience would be welcomed...

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