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    Red face Unanswered: Goldmine 5 DB damage

    Running GM 5 on a network. Users can log in ok but has a problem in the scheduling function. Whe you try to schedule a task generates an error (regardless of user) "GM Base Log Index File is missing or corupt, and will not function properly" Gives you the option to repair and if you try it generates a microsoft error and shuts the pgm down.
    Have tried going and doing DB repair and rebuild of data base and indexes. Seems to run fine and then when you close the pgm no one can log in, seems it wiped out all users including Master account

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    Goldmine is the application. What underlying database is used to store the data? The 'back end' data storage engine?

    I looked online & saw that version 8 uses SQL Server to actually hold the data.

    Followup: did another search, and found a site which stated that "GoldMine 5.x (both dBASE & SQL)..." I would have to assume that they meant that it uses dBase OR SQL...

    Is there a set of files associated with GoldMine which are of .Dbf file types?
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