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    Unanswered: Reporting Issue...This should be an easy for anyone comfortable with Access... ;)

    Hi everyone! It's Friday!

    I have a quick question about getting too many values in my report. I have a report that combines 3 queries based on three tables which have one primary key in common (NCR Num). The only issue is that when I combine them together and run the report, I am getting ALL the entries from the tables, instead of just the entries that are associated with that one common primary key value (NCR Num). This is better explained visually in the reports attached.

    Relationships: Shows the three tables and how they relate

    Report Layout: Shows how I have done up the report in design layout

    Report Results: Shows the extra values that I do not want. Ex. This is the report for NCR 19 but I am getting information for NCR 20 and 21 in the Problem Section and NCR Employee Section

    Data Entry Form: Just shows the data entry for that feeds entries into all three tables.

    Hopefully there is just something simple that I am missing. I have been stuck on this for 2 weeks now!

    Thank you all for your consideration and have a terrific weekend.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails report example.jpg   relationships.jpg   report design.jpg   data entry form.jpg  

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    As I can see, you have got a Main Report, and 2 Sub Reports, (3 queries on 3 tables).
    Try next.
    In your queries put a CRITERIA on "NCR Num" column.
    = 19

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    Thanks for your reply MStef, I appreciate your input. NCR 19 is only one entry that we would be looking for in a report so I cannot build in a criteria element =19 in the queries.

    While you see NCR 19 in the examples, on each following pages there will be NCR, 20, 21, 22 each with related information from the NCR table, NCR Employee table, and Problem Section table.

    Do you see what I mean? I apologize for not making this more clear.

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    This works when running a report based on what is selected in a combo box. Try this in your query as the criteria for "NCR NUM".

    IIf(Len(Nz([Forms]![formName]![cboName],""))=0,[NCR Num],[Forms]![formName]![cboName])

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