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    Unanswered: Not auto-vacuuming?

    Hi all - I'm relatively new to PostgreSQL, but not to DBMS in general. I have a fairly large database on PostgreSQL 8.4, running on Ubuntu 9.10, that seems to have a problem: auto-vacuuming doesn't seem to be happening.

    I can see the autovacuum launcher daemon in the process list, but I've never seen any other autovacuum processes. All my tables have the "last auto-vacuum date" blank, and pgadmin3 regularly tells me when I browse tables that they need to be vacuumed.

    Any pointers where to start looking?

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    That's Strange. If autovacuum is running then it should vacuum those tables if it meets the criteria of Autovacuum

    Also, from 8.4 on wards you can set the autovacuum parameters at table level. For more information please go through the following link:
    PostgreSQL: Documentation: Manuals: PostgreSQL 8.4: CREATE TABLE

    With this, I would suggest you to run the VACUUM ANALYZE at least once on your database.
    Vibhor Kumar
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