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    Question Unanswered: Rich Text control formatted bold?

    I have a control field on my form that is setup as textformat = rich text. In the memo field on the form I need specific parts of the text to show up as bold.

    Upon form load I am populating the field with string data such as:

    Me.MyTextBox = "This is a test string generation."

    I need to set bold only one or two words of this string(EX: This is a test string generation. The way I understood it was that if I was using Rich Text format it would convert the formatting to HTML style. But I don't see and havent found examples HTML formatting like working in VBA.

    What is the correct way I can do this programmatically(if any)?


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    I don't dabble with rtf but html I think the rtf format would be:

    "This is a \b test \b0 string generation"

    Html would be:

    "This is a <b> test </b> string generation"

    I can push the later into a web page with the correct effect.


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