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    Unanswered: Triggers Atomicity property

    I created an INSERT TRIGGER that would perform some other process with the INSERTED data, affecting other tables in a different DB; when testing I noticed that if the process in the trigger fails the record that fired the trigger doesn't get inserted (Atomocity property I guess); is there a way I can bypass that? I want to insert the record no matter what, even if the process within the trigger fails.

    Any ideas?


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    triggers are part of the transaction that call them. If this is does not fit your rules then it should not be part of a trigger.
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    I have never used this myself but can't they utilize the Save Transaction statement.

    Create a Save Transaction point at the beginning of the Trigger.
    Start a New Transaction.
    Modify the "different DB".
    On error Rollback the transaction to the save point.

    The outer transaction should still Commit as normal.

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